ChangingWhat Really happened to their life today.The Villages that located, not far from the city, made the big changes. Civilization and materialism change their life from hill tribe who live with a peaceful life, behind the mountains, to people who live rush in the city. Some cultures are almost gone from the minds of the new generation. And no one knows when it will be forgotten
ResisterWould they should resist agree with other cultures. Among big changes, who can resist materialism and still remain their cultures, for them to learn, love and respect and to be the unity of ancestor's spirit.
HarmonyAdapting to another culture and maintaining Traditional knowledge to convey to the new generation many are contradictory and difficult to unite. However, we are gradually moving forward and will not leave anyone and any souls behind.
FutureNot only have we given to his family, but including children. We create a natural environment and let them see and experience the culture of their own. We do not know what the future will be like but we prepare the future and provide that to all life with us. So we hope they would have a great future.