The project has been established since 2003 by Mr.Choochart Kalamapijit, in order to help hilltribe families who work at Maesa Elepahnt Camp. the project plan to get more income by doing agriculture and handicrafrt mainly Furthermore Choochat Kalanapijit foudation also participate forhelping the village such as.,- Kindergarten -St.Nicolas church -Buddhism Hall.

Eco-Agricultural Hill Tribes Village

“Chiang Mai Hill tribe community“, Learn the lifestyle of hill tribe people such as Lahu, Padong , Palong (the Long Neck Karen), Yao, Akha, Kayaw, Mhong and White Karen. You will be amazed with their native talents including daily farm work such as making scarecrows, ridding weeds in the paddy fields, and demonstrating rice pouring from the watermill. one of several in the region where the various hill tribes have been gathered to live in permanent settlements and practice their life styles. part of the deal is that tourists come to take photos and purchase their crafts and the government gets them in one place.

Regading to the old traditional way of preserving in agricuture combination of hill tribes, There are the supports in agricuture occupations and living incomes, to be longer existence, in order to preserve the wonderful life style which not easy to see the present day

Baan Tong Luang is a fabricated village containing 8 groups of Hill Tribes. The Hill Tribes at Baan Tong Luang are the Lahu, Mhong, White Karen, the Long necked Karen, also known as Padong or Paduang, Yao, Akha, Kayaw and Palong. Baan Tong Luang is conveniently located just off the Maerim – Samoeng Road, an area containing many and varied Chiang Mai attractions.

Baan Tong Luang has been laid out quite well, with a separate area for each of the different Hill Tribes. The village is divided by picturesque rice paddies and fields containing water buffalo, with several thatched roof huts in the distance. The road through the village is lined on both sides with thatched roof wooden huts, almost every one displaying for sale a wide variety of Hill Tribe embroidery, cloth, jewelry and many other items of uncertain ethnic origin which you can find at Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar or walking streets at considerably lower prices. Each shop is staffed by girls wearing the appropriate,extremely beautiful Hill Tribe costumes, all of whom are trying, and mostly succeeding, to avoid looking bored as the constant stream of camera wielding visitors passes by. Dotted about throughout Baan Tong Luang are the occasional women demonstrating the traditional methods of weaving and spinning and one elderly man who is delighted to show off his considerable prowess with a hand made wooden crossbow.

Sesame Mill Original, sesame oil mortar had been used by Shan people, Myanmar. To grind the sesame seeds by using people to control the buffalos or cows ,pushing the lever of the morter. During to grind sesame seeds,always put cooked water until get oil, then separate oil from water and the shells of seeds.

Kindergarten has been operated by Choocart Kalamapijit foundation, in order to help hill tribe children can educate more, There are teaching who paid by the foundation. The foundation supports the scholarship for the excellent students and have transport service for going to school in the town. Amount of tourist income, support lunch and milk for the children , total of children is about fourth

Restaurant has Thai and Northern Thai Food, the chef’s, waiters and waitress come from the villagers.

Buddhism Hall was built by Choochart Kalamapijit, in order to cooperate and make religious ceremonies for Buddhism people. When the people do ceremonies and religions techniques together and then they love and get a unity together. Buddhism Hall is Shan Style Myanmar. The Buddha image here comes from Mandalay, Myanmar.

Saint Nicholas Church is a church founded and named as the religious name, Nicholas Choochart Kalamapijit it is 9 years his Founded the Nicholas Church of Huay Yard Village to honor Saint Nicholas, a saint who patronized him, Where Bishop Joseph Sangwan Surasarang as a leader of Chiang Mai Diocese give thanks to the Lord. Lated, he moved st,Nicholas Church to locate at Baan Tong Luang hilltribe village in year 2007. Additionally, it also is place to service the faith of brethren from hilltribe tourists and Christians in neighbor area to have chance in the Mass or visit to worship God in this church.

There are many homestays inside the community. You can stay in the midst of nature and interact with hilltribe people all the time.